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The Toll of February

Posted on: February 26th, 2015 by Jeff Thompson No Comments

“The Toll of February”

God Almighty, these hours are beautiful,

With these wet yards almost dutifully


In their prescient display

Of colors bordering on May,

Japanese magnolia petals floating towards broadest day

In the crepuscular fountains of February,

The very air unfair in its devil-may-care denial

Of my other home, on trial

For geographic crimes.

The church bell chimes twelve hours past noon,

And the balloon of its speech

Floats far out of reach

Of Asheville ears.

And the sum of my fears is this:

That time has no use for me.

That my substance is transiency.

And the phrase “my other home”

Takes on a far more plaintive tone

When I hum it to the drone

Of that bell’s toll.

But, God Almighty, these flowers are beautiful.


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