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Shall I Compare Thee to a Tangerine?

Posted on: November 22nd, 2016 by Jeff Thompson No Comments

Shall I compare thee to a tangerine?
Thou art more bitter and harder to chew.
It has a smooth face; yours is harsh and mean.
It cannot speak, so all its words are true.
Sometimes the fruit is good upon a plate,
All sectioned up in slices, moist and ripe.
But you are mostly good at stirring hate,
And self-aggrandizement and huxter hype.
But both of you glow orange in the sun,
Both, likely, due to weird and toxic dyes.
Both, if used properly, are sort of fun.
It’s not that you aren’t an amusing guy.
But which for president elect? Well, shoot.
I guess that I’d prefer the piece of fruit.

Jeff Thompson Music©2016

Posted on: November 18th, 2016 by Jeff Thompson No Comments

I must say, I mistook you for a friend.
Your blend of deceit and diversion,
A kind of a perverse version of intimacy
Limited though it may be
to 5,000 people.
But that’s the limit.
Ah, but the glory of the LIKES!
I can be the most popular guy in the world
Without stumbling outside of my damn apartment.
Witness Julian Assange.
Also witness the witless
rollercoaster plunge
Of American culture
Like a vulture
Barrel rolling
Down from the blue
Can be traced back to you
Your embrace is graceless
In the places where your presence
Erases mine.

No one to blame

Posted on: November 16th, 2016 by Jeff Thompson No Comments

There may not be a difference between hatred and fear
And it’s wise to listen, even when there’s nothing new to hear
Though you’ll feel your hands grow colder when the hungry ghosts draw near
Invite them in to join you
They’ll disappear

Dragonflies, humble pies
Fairy tales and spells
Yes we can, Peter Pan
Clap for Tinker Bell
We’re entranced by the performance of the drunken puppeteer
Just invite him in and ask his name.

Ego te absolve
There’s no one to blame.

They won’t tell us how this story ends for many, many years
Lucifer was going to spoil it, but they got him drunk on beer
And the hungry ghosts are everywhere, in fact they may be here
Invite them in to join you
They’ll disappear.

Ego te absolve
There’s no one to blame.

Jeff Thompson Music©2016

Water, water everywhere…

Posted on: March 4th, 2015 by Jeff Thompson No Comments

A city that is built on swampy land

Is literally sinking constantly.

That’s why it isn’t hard to understand

The sinking that’s sometimes inside of me,

Accompanied by feelings of elation,

Like rainclouds in the sky at Carnival.

The party isn’t stopped by condensation—

In fact, of course a little rain must fall.

With water underneath and up above,

There’s nothing left to do but learn to float.

And fear’s relentless war with faith and love

Has always birthed the loveliest blue notes.

So, dance with me on this rare, solid ground.

Let’s raise a glass, I’m buying the next round.


The Toll of February

Posted on: February 26th, 2015 by Jeff Thompson No Comments

“The Toll of February”

God Almighty, these hours are beautiful,

With these wet yards almost dutifully


In their prescient display

Of colors bordering on May,

Japanese magnolia petals floating towards broadest day

In the crepuscular fountains of February,

The very air unfair in its devil-may-care denial

Of my other home, on trial

For geographic crimes.

The church bell chimes twelve hours past noon,

And the balloon of its speech

Floats far out of reach

Of Asheville ears.

And the sum of my fears is this:

That time has no use for me.

That my substance is transiency.

And the phrase “my other home”

Takes on a far more plaintive tone

When I hum it to the drone

Of that bell’s toll.

But, God Almighty, these flowers are beautiful.