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Best of WNC 2013:
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Posted on: December 24th, 2014 by Jeff Thompson No Comments

Back home. Here I am on the patio at PJ’s
Where I spent my teenage days
And parts of my twenties
Here plenty
Of iced mochas got imbibed.
While I extended my tribe,
Picked up habits, good and bad.
Went out at night and drank the best sounds
I’ve ever had—
Rebirth Brass Band,
Dr. John,
George Porter Junior,
And on and on.
With the sweetest group of soulful friends
Dancing all around me
Dancing through the haze of
Smoky, vague New Orleans boundaries.
So here I am, home again,
Old familiar zone again,
Checkin’ in with old friends,
Seeing how they’ve grown again.
Who they’ve become.
See, the one
Thing I count on is
Year after year
Aside from the obvious things like Po boys and beer
Is that everything
Becomes more itself with time.
But a riper, fuller version,
Like fruit on a vine
And I’m
painfully, blissfully aware
That this decades long affair
With these memories,
With this life
Is so brief and fleeting
And balanced on a knife
And so sweet
To taste
I’ve chased down enough tragedies
With ineffective strategies
of denial
That I’ll be the first to admit:
I can’t make sense of it.
I don’t know why I was born here
Or why I had to leave
Or why I’m back here now
Or where this path I’m walking leads.
But this much is clear:
I’m here.
And I don’t know that I know
Of any place I’d rather be
Than right here on this patio.
©2014 Jeff Thompson Music

Thank you to all my “So Far, So Strange” Kickstarter Backers!

Posted on: December 18th, 2014 by Jeff Thompson No Comments

Without these people, I couldn’t have made this album.

Without these people "So Far, Strange" would never have been made!

Without these people “So Far, Strange” would never have been made!

Blessings and gratitude

Posted on: December 11th, 2014 by Jeff Thompson No Comments

A good friend once suggested that when I find myself focused on where I want to GET TO, rather than where I am at that moment (which, to be honest, happens to me often)…to notice and savor the ways in which I am already there, already receiving what I want. Her reasoning was that you get more of what you focus on, so to put your attention on what’s already fulfilling, because it invites more of the same.
Sometimes that’s difficult.
Last night, it was EASY. The CD release show at the Isis Theater here in Asheville was exactly the kind of experience I’ve always dreamed of having. Packed house of attentive audience members in a gorgeous theater, virtuosic band playing songs I wrote, pristine sound system, tons of people valuing and investing in my music….
I could get used to that. I think I’m gonna focus on it.
So much gratitude to all of the people that are giving me the opportunity to live my dreams. Please allow me to reciprocate some time. Everybody deserves to feel as good as I did last night, and do right now.
Blessings and gratitude!