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Best of WNC 2013:
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Posted on: March 30th, 2013 by Jeff Thompson 2 Comments

It’s nice to have a website of my very own again. It’s been a while. I am going to attempt to regularly post something on this page…hopefully something interesting….
Lately I’m very curious about how to create a show that is seamless. No dead air. I’d like every moment on the stage to be intentional. Not to be confused with everything being planned out in a regimented way. Or even planned out at all, necessarily. But, to have no dead air.
I’d like every moment I’m up there performing to be some sort of gift. Fewer moments where I’m just tuning my guitar and making small talk with myself into the microphone.

Just completed a new song. It’s called “So Far, So Strange.” It’s close to complete, at least. I’m pretty excited about it. The guitar work/chord progressions are a little more sophisticated and elegant than what I’m used to writing, and so are the lyrics. I plan to play it at my show this Tuesday at Jack of the Wood. See you there?